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Suzanne. 20. Palestinian. Muslim. American.

Welcome to the nostalgia, adoration, and beauty of Bilad AlSham in blog form, punctuated by the ramblings of an average college student
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Medallion carpet. Lahore, ca. 1620—30. Gion Matsuri Tsuki-boko Preservation Association, Kyoto.
via Metropolitan Museum of Art 

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How cute & innocent :)

So I was browsing through our library, and I found some of my dads stamp collection books. These are some of the old Palestinian ones.

"أذكر الله"
found originally by @fawzyy_ on instagram

"We were engaged for six months, but her parents made her marry a richer man." "What’s the last thing you said to her?""I told her: ‘I’ve done all that I can do. I wish you happiness in your life.’"(Petra, Jordan)

Palestine, 1920s